Feb 1, 2018

How to increase internet speed in windows 10

How to increase internet speed in windows 10. if internet speed has slowed down. while we working on the internet, then this thing makes us very disappointed. mostly time the reason behind the slow speed of internet is our device. which we use. but the problem of slow speed of the internet is revealed also in Windows 10. Those people who are installing Windows 10 on their computer or upgrading their existing windows into Windows 10. So those people are complaining about the slow internet.

So let's talk about that reasons which make slow our internet speed.

1: Turn Of Background Apps-

When you are installing windows 10 on your PC or upgrading your existing window into windows 10. then, first of all, you have to need that turn-off background app. because many apps run in the background. when you are doing work on the internet. and these apps eat your data and make slow your internet. so turn-off background app by following steps and save your data.

Step:- 1 First go to the "settings
Step:- 2 Go to the "privacy
Step:- 3 Then scroll down and go to the "background apps"

2: Clear Temp Files And Cached Files Of Your Windows- 

Step:- Go to "Settings" – > "System" -> "Storage" -> "Change how we free up space"

Then click on the "Clean Now" for the clean all cache files from your PC.

3: Disable All Windows Update Service-

If you think that disable windows 10 update is recommended then you think Wrong. Because automatic updates are a great thing for your Windows 10 OS. it’s always good to keep your PC updated to the latest version of Windows 10 OS. but if you are struggling with the low speed of your internet or want to keep your internet data then you have to need to disable windows updates. you can disable updates for downloading particular files for few days. you can turn it on anytime in the future. 

"For disabling all windows service follow these steps"

Step:- 1 Go to the windows 10 taskbar search and search "Service"

Step:- 2 Then click on the "Service"

Step:- 3 Now Scroll down a bit then double click on "Windows Update"

Step:- 4 Now go to the "Startup Type" and disable the updates.

Step:- 5 And now Reboot your PC.

4: Change DNS Settings

Whenever you take a connection of the Internet, they will provide you with the necessary networking settings including the "DNS" address. So you can use it to load any files or quickly load websites. and also you can use it to download any file. Sometimes your "DNS" server is responding slow. so you have to change its settings to improve your browsing experience.

So let's go to the steps of change DNS settings.

Step:- 1 First go to the "Control Panel

Step:- 2 Then click on the "Network And Internet"

Step:- 3 Then click on the "Network And Sharing Center"

Step:- 4 Now click on the left side of your screen on "Change Adapter Settings

Step:- 5 Then Right-Click on the "Network Interface Connected" then click on "Properties

Step:- 6 Then select the "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and then click on "properties"

Step:- 7 After that now click on the "Use the following DNS server addresses"

Step:- 8 Type your preferred and alternate DNS server addresses. Here you can enter any DNS servers you want, including from free ones such as Google Public DNS or OpenDNS.

1: DNS address of Google public is " and"
2: OpenDNS address is " and"

Step:- 9 Then click on the "ok"

Step:- 10 And now click on the close to apply the new DNS settings to the adapter.

Jan 30, 2018

How To Clear Cache In Windows 10 PC with 7 Powerful Tips

How to clear cache in windows 10. generally, if you delete your computer's cache files, it increases the speed of your computer. There are two types of advantages to deleting those temporary files "first" it will increase your computer space and "second" will increase the speed of your computer. because all the temporary files are stored on the same disk in which your windows are installed. and if that disk in which your Windows is installed and there is little space. then it will be effected on your computer speed. finding the different caches in Windows 8 is a little trickier than in previous Windows systems.

Since Windows 8 is basically running two different computing environments at once (the new Start Screen/Metro UI and the regular desktop) you actually have to clear a bunch of different caches.

1: Clear Temp Files And Cached Files Of Your Windows-

Step:- 1 Go to the "Settings"
Step:- 2 Then go to the "System"
Step:- 3 Then go to the "Storage" from the left menu.
Step:- 4 After that click on "Change how we free up space"
Step:- 5 Now you can Clean now.

just wait a moment and the system will clean all unused files from your PC.

2: Delete Temporary Files From Your PC- 

Step:- 1 Right-click on the "window icon" on the bottom.
Step:- 2 Then click on "Run"

Shortcut key - you can also press "Window+R" for going to command box.

Step:- 3 Now type "Temp" then press Enter.

Step:- 4 Delete all files from this Folder.

Step:- 5 Now again go to the "Command Box" and type "%Temp%" in the Command box then press enter.

And delete all files from "%Temp%" folder.

And now delete the prefetch files.

Step:- 6 And again type in the Command Box "Prefetch" then press enter.

Step:- 7 Now delete all files from "prefetch" folder.

It increases your computer speed and also increases your hard disk space.

3: Clear Edge Browser Catch Data-

Step:- 1 First go to the "Edge Browser"

Step:- 2 Click on the "Three Dots" at the top right of the edge browser window.

Step:- 3 Then click on the "Settings"

Step:- 4 Now click on the "Choose What To Clear"

Step:- 5 Now choose which you want to clear. just tick on that and click on clear.

I want to tell you that the Edge Browser comes in windows 10. If you are using versions prior to Windows 10. because in that version have Internet Explorer instead of Edge Browser. so if you want to clear internet explorer cache. then follow these Steps.

4: Clear Internet Explorer Cache-

Step:- 1 First open the "File Explorer"

Step:- 2 Then click on the "View And Select Options" in the menu bar.

Step:- 3 Now open the "General Tab" in the next window.

Step:- 4 Then click on the "Clear" under the "Sub-Heading" privacy. 

Step:- 5 And now click on "Ok"

Now your all history is clear of file explorer.

5: Clear DNS Cache In Windows 10-

Flushing the DNS resolver cache can help resolve DNS related problems in Microsoft Windows 10. Issues would include website not found errors or not being able to view certain web pages that have changed.

To reset the DNS resolver cache, perform the following steps:

Step:- 1 Go to the "Start Menu" and search "Command Prompt"

Step:- 2 Type "ipconfig/flushDNS" in the "Command Prompt" then press enter.

That’s all there is to it. A command box will flash on the screen for a split second and the DNS Resolver cache is cleared.

6: Remove Unnecessary Files Cache From Your System-

If your computer is too old. then more unnecessary,  temporary and some duplicated files are accumulated on your hard drive. this type of file reduces the space of your computer. which reduces the speed of your PC. so if you delete these files then your computer speed will increase and open up room for new files.

Step:- 1 Click on the "Start" from the taskbar.  

Step:- 2 Then search "Disk Cleanup"

The clean manager is used to clean unnecessary files from the drive.

You can select manually the various hard drives you have installed eg: C: D: etc. one by one then click Ok.

Step:- 3 Choose different file types that you want to clear in the next window. If you want to flush them all, then select all.

Step:- 4 Now click on the "Cleanup System Files" which you see at the bottom of the window.

Step:- 5 Then click on "OK" windows has calculated the amount of storage to clean up.

7: Clear & Reset Windows Store Cache In Windows 10

after Release of the windows 10. lots of PC users are the complaint about the Windows Store app and Start menu. Although Microsoft has released more updates to update many apps including the Settings app. users are still having some issues when they are downloading and installing apps from the Store.

If the Store app fails to download apps or if the installation hangs in the middle without any specific error, then you should be able to resolve the issue by deleting and resetting Windows Store cache. by the following method.

Step:- 1 First press "Window+R" for open the command box.

Step:- 2 Then type "WSReset.exe" in the command box then press enter.

It will be clear the store cache.

If you want to clear your Location Data stored locally then following the steps.

Step:- 1 First go to the "Settings"

Step:- 2 Then click on the "Privacy"

Step:- 3 Then click on the "Location" From the left tab.

Step:- 4 Then click on the "Clear"

Now you have Clear all types of cache files in windows 10

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Jan 20, 2018

Best and easy Windows 10 tips & tricks free

"Windows 10 tips" Microsoft has said that it will not release any window after Windows 10. and release only new updates.And Microsoft will stop also updating its old version of Windows like Windows 7, XP etc. Microsoft has already stopped the updates of Windows XP. so if you are using the old versions of windows then one day you may have to use of Windows 10. because if updates have stopped of old version then it creates a problem to install any software. then you will use Windows 10 in future. but if you have to need to use of Windows 10 in future. then why not you use it now.  

Windows 10 is the latest windows on behalf of Microsoft. it's launched on 15 July 2015. There are many new features in this. it's the latest platform from Microsoft. When people thought Windows 9 would come after Windows 8! So Microsoft launched Windows 10 directly. Therefore, many people don't understand features of Windows 10. If seen, this Windows is easier than Windows 8. because, after Windows 7, Windows 8 was such that it was not easy to understand quickly. because it's really different to all windows. so let's talking about Windows 10 new features, tips & tricks.

How To Download Windows 10

If you don't have Windows 10 on your PC. and you want to download it. Then click on the link below. it's an ISO file of Windows 10.

After download, you have to need to install it on your PC. by following the steps. 

1: How to Add Desktop Icon to Windows 10

What is the desktop icon? After installing Windows on your pc only one icon appears on your desktop And that is the Recycle Bin Icon. and people don't understand that? how to add the desktop icon to Windows 10. Because the way to add the desktop icon in Windows 10 is different. so if you want to add "This pc icon, Network icon, user's file icon" then follow these step. 

Step 1: first go to "Settings" then click on "Personalization" then click on "Themes" then click on right side "Desktop icon settings"

Step 2: click on any icon. which you want to see on your desktop then click on apply.

2: How To Stop Automatic Updates In Windows 10

Windows updates are more important for windows. because it gives us new features of windows. but if you have limited data internet connection and you don't want to waste your data in windows updates. then you have to need to stop automatic updates. for stop, the automatic updates follow this step.

Step 1: First go to "Control Panel" then click on "System And Security" then click on "Administrative Tools" after that double click on "Services" then go to "Windows Updates" then you can fix settings of updates according to you.

3: How To Record Screen In Windows 10

Very few people know that Windows 10 has its own screen recorder. if you want to know that. how can you record your computer screen then follow this link How to record screen in windows 10 without any software

4: How To Add Touch Keyboard 

Sometimes our keyboard does not work well. so don't worry you can add a touch keyboard to Windows 10. just go to taskbar and right click in Taskbar. then click on the touch keyboard.

5: Resize Start Menu 

You can resize your start menu like windows 8. it's really easy and simple. so if you want to resize your start menu. then follow these steps.

Steps: First go to "Settings" then click on "Personalization" then click on "Start" then click on "Use Start Full Screen"

if you follow these steps then you can resize your Start menu.

6: Microsoft Edge Browser

After windows 7 or 8. Microsoft has removed the Internet Explorer. in the windows 10. Microsoft launches the new browser. and it's called "Microsoft Edge Browser" Along with Windows 10, Microsoft has also launched Edge Browser. although it's not like chrome, firefox. But it has some great potential and many good features with customization option.  

7: How To Reset Windows 10 

Windows 10 has many new features and it's also Bit difficult for new users. so if you have some issue with the Windows 10 and you can't fix them. then you can reset your windows settings. for reset the Windows 10. just follow these simple steps.

Steps: First go to the "Settings" then click on "Update & Security" then click on "Recovery" then click "Get Started" to reset the PC.

With the follow these simple steps. you can reset easily your PC.

8: Switch Between Desktops

it's again good feature in Windows 10 that "Switch Between Desktop

Just click on that icon. which is showing in the image. then all windows will in one window. so you can click on any window for the switch.

9: OneDrive Integration

With the help of a OneDrive, you can store some essentials files of your laptop or Android mobile on the online free cloud and whenever you need it, you can access it anywhere in your system remotely.

10: Make Cortana More Useful

The Cortana digital assistant is one of Windows 10’s highlight new features, but she truly shines if you take the time to tell her your interests. Open Cortana and select the Notebook icon in her left-hand pane. From there, browse each section to tailor your preferences for specific news topics, alerts, and even the types of restaurants you like. You’ll be glad you did.  

Jan 19, 2018

How to screen captured in Windows 10 - Success Key

Screen Captures In Windows 10 Without Any Software

Screen capture in Windows 10" if you windows users. recently upgraded to the latest version of this OS. mighty glad to find that Windows 10 has its own little screen recording tool. you can use to record games and screen activity. the world might in this sentence is used for a reason. so let's see what we can do. can we replace the some of the accomplished screen recordings and game recording programs?

Screen captured in windows 10. Windows 10 comes with many new features. you can record your screen and gameplay in this windows with any software. you don't have to need to install any software for recording your computer screen. this feature is only available in Windows 10. actually when you install the windows 10 then one application is installed with your windows and call that application is Xbox. maybe you all know about Xbox. and Xbox gives you this feature that you can record your screen and gameplay in full HD quality. So let's go to use this application.

So first go to "start" you can see an Xbox icon in start menu. which is pin by default. but if it's not already pinned then you can search it in the search bar. then open it. but before opened it you have to need a Microsoft account then you can log into the application. 

after log into this application go to "setting" then go to "Game DVR

you can see here "Record game clips and screenshots using game DVR" if it's already OFF then ON it. after that, you can see here keyboard shortcuts and options for the open game bar. you can insert your shortcut key. 

Background Recording 

For Example: if you are playing a game and you want to go to another application. but you want that your game also recording while you use other application. then you can also record your game while using other application. you can record maximum 4-hour video.  

Saving Capture

In the screen capture, you can see your computer location. 
Whatever video you record! Where does it's gone after the record?you can see your files with the click on the open folder.

Video Encoding  

Video Encoding is the most important to understand in this recorder. you can choose here video quality and video resolution. 


If you want to record your audio while recording the video then ON it. you can select here audio quality. it's by default 128kbps. but if you want to record in high format. then you can select according to you. 

So this is all the settings. you just go to game DVR and click ON for adjust setting. you can set the setting according to you.   

now you can record your PC screen just press"Window+G" then a window comes on the front of you. as you see in the image. 

So it's about the Xbox that how can you record videos with the Xbox. in this software also has some limitations. And the limitations are that as you go from a software to another or go from a window to another window. so recording stops automatically. It's not like you want to record a full screen. and you open Google Chrome and also open the file explorer or open something else. then it will record the whole Windows. But if you are using Chrome and then you open files explorer then the record will stop automatically. 

if you want to record your game then ON the recording. so it will record your game but if you are going to another application then it's not well for you. then the footage will not be recorded.

if you are using windows 7 or 8. then you can use OPS software. but if you want to use this software. then you have to need first learn about this software. because it's software just little complicated.