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Jan 20, 2018

Best and easy Windows 10 tips & tricks free

"Windows 10 tips" Microsoft has said that it will not release any window after Windows 10. and release only new updates.And Microsoft will stop also updating its old version of Windows like Windows 7, XP etc. Microsoft has already stopped the updates of Windows XP. so if you are using the old versions of windows then one day you may have to use of Windows 10. because if updates have stopped of old version then it creates a problem to install any software. then you will use Windows 10 in future. but if you have to need to use of Windows 10 in future. then why not you use it now.  

Windows 10 is the latest windows on behalf of Microsoft. it's launched on 15 July 2015. There are many new features in this. it's the latest platform from Microsoft. When people thought Windows 9 would come after Windows 8! So Microsoft launched Windows 10 directly. Therefore, many people don't understand features of Windows 10. If seen, this Windows is easier than Windows 8. because, after Windows 7, Windows 8 was such that it was not easy to understand quickly. because it's really different to all windows. so let's talking about Windows 10 new features, tips & tricks.

How To Download Windows 10

If you don't have Windows 10 on your PC. and you want to download it. Then click on the link below. it's an ISO file of Windows 10.

After download, you have to need to install it on your PC. by following the steps. 

1: How to Add Desktop Icon to Windows 10

What is the desktop icon? After installing Windows on your pc only one icon appears on your desktop And that is the Recycle Bin Icon. and people don't understand that? how to add the desktop icon to Windows 10. Because the way to add the desktop icon in Windows 10 is different. so if you want to add "This pc icon, Network icon, user's file icon" then follow these step. 

Step 1: first go to "Settings" then click on "Personalization" then click on "Themes" then click on right side "Desktop icon settings"

Step 2: click on any icon. which you want to see on your desktop then click on apply.

2: How To Stop Automatic Updates In Windows 10

Windows updates are more important for windows. because it gives us new features of windows. but if you have limited data internet connection and you don't want to waste your data in windows updates. then you have to need to stop automatic updates. for stop, the automatic updates follow this step.

Step 1: First go to "Control Panel" then click on "System And Security" then click on "Administrative Tools" after that double click on "Services" then go to "Windows Updates" then you can fix settings of updates according to you.

3: How To Record Screen In Windows 10

Very few people know that Windows 10 has its own screen recorder. if you want to know that. how can you record your computer screen then follow this link How to record screen in windows 10 without any software

4: How To Add Touch Keyboard 

Sometimes our keyboard does not work well. so don't worry you can add a touch keyboard to Windows 10. just go to taskbar and right click in Taskbar. then click on the touch keyboard.

5: Resize Start Menu 

You can resize your start menu like windows 8. it's really easy and simple. so if you want to resize your start menu. then follow these steps.

Steps: First go to "Settings" then click on "Personalization" then click on "Start" then click on "Use Start Full Screen"

if you follow these steps then you can resize your Start menu.

6: Microsoft Edge Browser

After windows 7 or 8. Microsoft has removed the Internet Explorer. in the windows 10. Microsoft launches the new browser. and it's called "Microsoft Edge Browser" Along with Windows 10, Microsoft has also launched Edge Browser. although it's not like chrome, firefox. But it has some great potential and many good features with customization option.  

7: How To Reset Windows 10 

Windows 10 has many new features and it's also Bit difficult for new users. so if you have some issue with the Windows 10 and you can't fix them. then you can reset your windows settings. for reset the Windows 10. just follow these simple steps.

Steps: First go to the "Settings" then click on "Update & Security" then click on "Recovery" then click "Get Started" to reset the PC.

With the follow these simple steps. you can reset easily your PC.

8: Switch Between Desktops

it's again good feature in Windows 10 that "Switch Between Desktop

Just click on that icon. which is showing in the image. then all windows will in one window. so you can click on any window for the switch.

9: OneDrive Integration

With the help of a OneDrive, you can store some essentials files of your laptop or Android mobile on the online free cloud and whenever you need it, you can access it anywhere in your system remotely.

10: Make Cortana More Useful

The Cortana digital assistant is one of Windows 10’s highlight new features, but she truly shines if you take the time to tell her your interests. Open Cortana and select the Notebook icon in her left-hand pane. From there, browse each section to tailor your preferences for specific news topics, alerts, and even the types of restaurants you like. You’ll be glad you did.  

Jan 19, 2018

How to screen captured in Windows 10 - Success Key

Screen Captures In Windows 10 Without Any Software

Screen capture in Windows 10" if you windows users. recently upgraded to the latest version of this OS. mighty glad to find that Windows 10 has its own little screen recording tool. you can use to record games and screen activity. the world might in this sentence is used for a reason. so let's see what we can do. can we replace the some of the accomplished screen recordings and game recording programs?

Screen captured in windows 10. Windows 10 comes with many new features. you can record your screen and gameplay in this windows with any software. you don't have to need to install any software for recording your computer screen. this feature is only available in Windows 10. actually when you install the windows 10 then one application is installed with your windows and call that application is Xbox. maybe you all know about Xbox. and Xbox gives you this feature that you can record your screen and gameplay in full HD quality. So let's go to use this application.

So first go to "start" you can see an Xbox icon in start menu. which is pin by default. but if it's not already pinned then you can search it in the search bar. then open it. but before opened it you have to need a Microsoft account then you can log into the application. 

after log into this application go to "setting" then go to "Game DVR

you can see here "Record game clips and screenshots using game DVR" if it's already OFF then ON it. after that, you can see here keyboard shortcuts and options for the open game bar. you can insert your shortcut key. 

Background Recording 

For Example: if you are playing a game and you want to go to another application. but you want that your game also recording while you use other application. then you can also record your game while using other application. you can record maximum 4-hour video.  

Saving Capture

In the screen capture, you can see your computer location. 
Whatever video you record! Where does it's gone after the record?you can see your files with the click on the open folder.

Video Encoding  

Video Encoding is the most important to understand in this recorder. you can choose here video quality and video resolution. 


If you want to record your audio while recording the video then ON it. you can select here audio quality. it's by default 128kbps. but if you want to record in high format. then you can select according to you. 

So this is all the settings. you just go to game DVR and click ON for adjust setting. you can set the setting according to you.   

now you can record your PC screen just press"Window+G" then a window comes on the front of you. as you see in the image. 

So it's about the Xbox that how can you record videos with the Xbox. in this software also has some limitations. And the limitations are that as you go from a software to another or go from a window to another window. so recording stops automatically. It's not like you want to record a full screen. and you open Google Chrome and also open the file explorer or open something else. then it will record the whole Windows. But if you are using Chrome and then you open files explorer then the record will stop automatically. 

if you want to record your game then ON the recording. so it will record your game but if you are going to another application then it's not well for you. then the footage will not be recorded.

if you are using windows 7 or 8. then you can use OPS software. but if you want to use this software. then you have to need first learn about this software. because it's software just little complicated. 

Jan 16, 2018

20+ Latest 2018 Windows 10 themes free download for your PC

Background Wallpaper Theme

On the demand of my many readers. I have decided that I will write an article on Themes for Windows 10. because my reader is very important to me. so I will try to do the same for them. As they would like to see in my article. Here I will provide you cool and attractive design theme. I hope that you will like these all themes. 

A theme is a combination of desktop background pictures, window colors, and sounds. To get a theme, click Download, and then click Open. This saves the theme to your PC and puts it on your desktop. See Personalize your PC.

1: 4K Theme

this is very attractive and light picture theme. Which makes your PC or laptop cool. in this theme, we provide you 14 best and selected picture.

2: Beach

Some people like to have "beach theme" on their PC and my reader also demand of this theme. So I have created it, especially for my readers. 12 images theme.

3: Bikes

You will get 14 images of bikes on this theme. They're so spectacular and unusual and they almost look like a dream.

4: Cars

In this theme have 15 incredible cars image. These 15 images pay homage to Classic Cars. Set the mood on your computer with gorgeous cars.

5: Celebrations

It is in these 14 Celebrations images. Celebration means that every people forget their all problem when they celebrate any festival or day.

6: Celebrities 

14 Famous celebrity images. in this theme have stunningly beautiful, alluring, and irresistible images of celebrity. they look awesome and gorgeous. 

7: City Scene 

14 background wallpaper theme of the city scene. New York is the most beautiful city in America. It looks more beautiful at night. so upload this theme to your PC. and make your desktop screen beautiful. 

8: Cute Babies 

Cute baby theme. We have 13 cute babies pictures on this theme. mostly people want that they have the cute babies theme on their pc. so I have created it for those people.

9: Digital Universe

The universe is really beautiful. there are many unbelievable incidents in the universe. Some of which are captured in camera by NASA. in This theme has 14 images of the universe. which are clicked by NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

10: Dreamy Fantasy

Dream fantasy theme. it's another amazing theme for your desktop or Laptop. in this theme has 14 PC wallpapers. which are suitable for your PC screen. try it now.

11: Dual Monitor

Dual monitor theme. what is the point of having multiple screens? if you can't flaunt with some funky wallpapers. Finding the best wallpapers that display both screens seems to be the hardest part and so I took the liberty to find 13 googly wallpapers. then create a theme. Check them out and enjoy. 

12: Fantasy girl

10 Images serving up high-quality Fantasy Girl wallpapers and a color scheme change make up this Fantasy Girl. This theme pack consists of several HD Fantasy Girl wallpapers. acting as a slideshow that changes every 30 mins along with a Windows color scheme change.  

12 beautiful flowers images theme pack. everyone likes flower. There is a chance that you like it tremendously but you know that its lifespan is short especially when they have already been removed from the plant.

14: Inspirational

Take a quick look at your computer’s desktop. Do you feel inspired yet? here are 14 free high-resolution wallpaper theme of inspiration for your Microsoft Windows Desktop. 

15: Lock screen

it's genuinely Microsoft lock screen picture theme. in this theme 14 picture of windows 10 lock screen. this all pictures is awesome.  

16: Maldives

The Maldives.desktop theme pack with 14 desktop backgrounds. Free and fast theme download. its gives unique look to your PC. which reflects your attitude and style.

17: Military

15 picture theme. Military soldiers guard us and our country by staying on the border. You know that you can show your appreciation to the military by making sure that you will make use of this wallpaper theme.

18: Nature

What can be more conciliating than nature? It helps us get rid of everyday routine, emotional stress, and rueful feelings. Instead, it fills our hearts with joy, brings hope in the most complex situations, and facilitate in solving various issues. 15 images theme of nature

19: Photography

Every single person understands the world around him from different corners. Such unique attitudes to life are frequently manifested via the art of photography. The latter demonstrates in the tiniest details how to multiplex the universe is. 14 images theme pack of photography.

20: Sky Full Of Stars

The sky is very beautiful, especially when it is covered with stars! The height of the skies has not been found until today! But when looking up, it seems like ours is very close! It has covered the entire universe. 14 sky full star theme pack.

21: Sports 

The game is very important to keep your body fit! It also entertains the people! The game is very important in our lives! There are many types of games played all over the world. 15 sports background theme pack.

21: Windows 10

This theme is just simple with windows 10 icon. which is look like the light screen. we provide you 11 light picture on this theme.

I hope you like these all theme. because it's all perfect for your desktop screen. 

Please share these all theme with your friends and on social media.

Jan 12, 2018

What is Seo (Search engine optimization)

What Is Seo :

What is Seo(Search engine optimization)? if you are starting to work as a blogger or you want to create your website or start a YouTube channel, then you should first be aware of the search engine optimization, then you will succeed in your work. because search engine optimization is very important to rank your website, blog or youtube videos. There is a lot of activity in search engine optimization, if we use them then we can easily rank our website or blog on Google first page. This also increases the traffic to the website or blog.

Why We Need Seo : 

As you all know that in today's world many people have become aware of the Internet and so many people are doing online business due to which online business has increased. And if you want to start your online business then you need a website. But the website is not enough to be successful in business. Because if you need more traffic to your website then it is very important to rank your website on Google. Because if your website does not rank well in Google then visitors will not come to your website, and you cant become successful in your business. That's why you have to do Seo (search engine optimization) of your website to rank well in Google.

Types Of Seo :

Basically, there are two types of search engine optimization.
  1. ON-page Seo
  2. OFF-page Seo
Let us explain in detail about both types of search engine optimization.

ON-page Seo

On-Page Seo is a very big topic. I want to tell you that on-page Seo means that you have to make your website according to Google's rules. You have to edit your website in such a way that Google can read this easily and the visitors who visit your website should be attracted to your website.

Now I tell you steps of ON-page Seo.

1: Speed Of Website- 

If your website speed is from 1 second to 5 seconds. that's mean your website speed fast.

If your website speed is from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. that's mean your website speed average. then you have to need to improve it.

If your website speed is more than 10 seconds. that's mean your website is poor. then you have to need immediate fix your website.

2: Reason Behind The Slow Speed-

If your website is slow, then when visitors come to your website. then your website will take a long time to open, due to which the visitor will not spend their time on your website, which will increase your bounce rate. The reason is behind of this is that. your website contains more size pictures and larger JavaScript code. So try to not have high size photos on your website and Javascript should not be used much. 

3: Title Tag-

The title tag has a very strong role to rank for any website. if your title optimization more. then So much will benefit your website.

How To Create Good Title 

First of all, your title should not be more than 70 words. then you have to need to use your main keyword once in your title. give the most attention to that don't use any keyword again and again in your title. Because it is considered spam according to Google.

For Example 

1: America tour | Tourist place in America | Online tour packages- Good Title 
2: America tour | America tours | Best American tour- Bad Title

3: Meta Description-

Meta description means that whenever we create a website. then we describe it to Google through the meta description. On which topic our website is like sports or cooking.

How To Create A Good Description 

whenever you write a description then you have to need to write a description under 160 word. because google can't read more than 160 words description. and also use synonyms words in the description. and try to use your main keyword once in your meta description.


1: Travel to America- We are offering best packages for America Tour and providing excellent services like booking hotels at very reasonable prices. – Good Description

2: Book packages for America Tour, American Tourist Places, America Tours, Tourist Places in America, Tours to America.- Bed Description.

4: Keyword Density-

Keyword Density is also a big factor. Keyword Density means is how many time you use your keyword in your content. Keyword Density should be under the 5 percent. because if you use your keyword more than 5 percent then it's harmful to your website. 

5: Hidden Content - 

Keep in mind that there should be no hidden content on your website. because of most people when they are creating a website. then they write content on the page for good rank on Google. but they hide that content. so when people come to the website for reading. then they can't see hidden content. Google is hate to hidden content.

6: Image Alt Tag- 

Very few people know that Google can't read image. but google is read images by Alt Tag. for example:- if you upload a celebrity picture on your website and you don't give Alt Tag to the image. then Google can't read that image. but if you define that celebrity in Alt Tag. then Google will read that image easily. so Alt Tag is the most important in images.

7: URL Structure-

URL structure is also most important for the ranking post on Google. your post URL helps you to rank your post. Your URL should be such that Google can read it easily and find out what the post is about.

Example: – wrong Way – Right Way

8: Enable Gzip Compression-

If you use of Enable Gzip Compression. So it makes your website lightweight. because Enable Gzip Compression is compressed HTML, CSS, JAVAScript code of your website. Which reduces the loading of your website.

9: Website Structure-  

when you create a website. then your website should look like users friendly. because in this generation more people have the smartphone so they are open your website on their smartphone. So the font size of your website should be 15 pixels. and after complete your website its should look like attractive and easy. so when people come to your website then they can read easily on your website. 

10: Post Length-

its again a most important step in ON-page Seo is Post Length. when you write a post on your website then try to give more information in that post about your topic. because The more you give information then more quickly your rank will beTo increase the length of your post, it is not that you write anything in it. It is very important to have informative content in the post. and try to write post at least 1000 words.

11: Internal Links-

Give some other posts internal links in your post. which is related to your posts. but keep in mind that give maximum 5 internal links in your post. because if you give more internal links in your post. then reader becomes confused.

12: Bold Important Keyword-

if you want to rank any keyword in from your post. then take it in the bold tag. Bold means attention. because if you take any keyword in the Bold tag. then Google understands easily that. your focus on which keyword. 

13: Responsive Website-

A responsive website means automatic length and width set according to the device. in short, if your website is responsive then Mobile users will not have any problem reading. if you want to check that your website is a responsive website or not. then resize your browser.

14: Heading Sequence-

There are some tags in HTML. H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 but keep in mind in you want to use these tags then use it in sequence.

First use H1 then use H2 then H3 according to serial wise you can use these HTML tags but don't use like First H1, then H2, then again H1, because it's harmful to Seo.

15: Sitemap-

A sitemap is map and Google will understand your website structure after reading this map. when Google read your site then Google's Crawl find the first Sitemap.XML file. if crawler finds this file then Google crawl easily of your full Website. Otherwise, the crawler has difficulty accessing the entire page of your website. so you have to need to apply sitemap to your Website.

OFF-Page Seo 

If we talk about OFF-page Seo. then its all focus on the backlinks. if you have high-quality backlinks on your website. then your website rank become well on Google. so let's learn what is Seo.

1: Search Engine Submission-

first of all, you have to need to submit your website to Yahoo, Google, MSN, Bing, Yandex, Lycos, Alexa, Alltheweb, Excite, etc.
because it's very important to rank your website on Google.

2: Bookmarking Websites-

submit your website also to Bookmarking Websites. because catching frequency of Bookmarking Websites is better than other websites.,, these all are bookmarking website. But keep in mind that don't submit your website to over 20 bookmark websites in a single day.

3: Use Keyword In Post-

when you start to write a post. then you have to need to try that. use your keyword in starting of your post. because if you use your keyword in starting your content then your post rank fast on Google. and use also your keyword in your heading tag.

4: Facebook Page- has become the number 1 social networking site. where you can promote your website easily and free. when you create your own website. then create a facebook page also. and upload your every post on your page. But it's not necessary that you upload only your website post on facebook fan page. you can also upload funny post and jokes. because it's entertain people then they like your page.

5: Blogging Commenting-

Comment on Blog is the easiest way to getting high traffic to your website and creating backlinks. in this step, you have to need to comment on that blog. which is related to your blog and give the link of your website in your comment. its give you referral traffic.

6: Directory Submission-  

There are more websites. which are gives you strong backlinks? like Dmoz, Viasearch you have to submit your site links in these directories for getting strong backlinks.  

More directories: